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Programs to perform Monte Carlo re-sampling tests

The three programs below perform the Monte Carlo re-sampling tests described in the paper by Blount et al. (2008). These programs are run using the Statistics101 Re-sampling Simulator, which provides a powerful and flexible platform for writing customized re-sampling and related Monte Carlo tests.

The three programs are essentially the same, except that each has been tailored to one of the three replay experiments performed by Blount et al. The data values are expressed in thousands of generations. Within the limits of the finite number of re-sampling trials that one performs (one million runs as written), each test provides a near-exact p-value for the likelihood of having observed an average generation as late as, or later than, the average value observed in the experiment, given the number of replicates and the generations to which they correspond, and the number of replicates in which the Cit+ trait re-evolved in the experiment.