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Welcome to the E. coli Long-term Experimental Evolution Project Site

The LTEE Celebrates 50,000 Generations

This site is intended to serve three main functions:

  • To communicate findings and implications from our research with the public and other scientists.
  • To share information among the group of researchers who are studying the long-term experimental populations of E. coli, and the various other lines derived from them.
  • To provide an archive for information obtained from this work, including key published and some unpublished data.

This site has the following components:

  • Overview of the long-term experiment.
  • Strain catalogs for the long-term experiment and other experiments derived from it.
  • Summary data from the long-term evolution experiment including relative fitness, cell size, colony morphology (photographic), and molecular genetics.
  • Genomics data including genome sequences of ancestral and evolved strains.
  • Standard protocols as well as media recipes and molecular tools.
  • Publication list including links to published abstracts (and some pdf files).

When referencing information from this site, please cite the original publication (when listed) or this web page (otherwise):

Lenski, R. E. (year). The E. coli long-term experimental evolution project site. http://myxo.css.msu.edu/ecoli

This site is supported by U.S. National Science Foundation grant DEB-0515729.